Steel Stewardship Forum

Steel Stewardship Forum (SSF)

BlueScope Steel is a founding member and sponsor of the Steel Stewardship Forum (SSF).

The Forum was formed to develop a steel stewardship scheme in Australia spanning the entire steel supply chain. The SSF believes that collectively we can continue to add value to and improve the performance of the steel industry across the whole product life cycle – thereby reducing negative commercial, social and environmental impacts. 

The SSF aims to bring together all major sectors of the steel product life cycle – from mining through to steel manufacturing, processing, product fabrication, use and re-use, and recycling.  Together these sectors share the responsibility of working together to optimise the steel product life cycle using sustainability principles, including minimising the impact on society and the environment.

In 2012, the Steel Stewardship Forum mapped Australia’s steel value chain footprint. This has established a high level picture of the main Australia steel value chain commodity flows and high level inputs and outputs. 

The model will be critical in assisting the SSF to identify areas for improvement in commercial, social and environmental impacts across the whole product life cycle of steel.

Steel life cycle

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