Land Management

Proper land management is an important part of BlueScope’s licence to operate and a key guiding principle in Our Bond which recognises that our communities are our homes. Under our stewardship, we aim to improve our working and living environment by reducing the environmental impact of our operations and addressing legacy issues.


BlueScope has a total of 184 manufacturing, processing and distribution sites, as shown in the table below. Small sites are used for product storage through to cold metal forming operations and are often leased. Medium sites include metal coating and painting lines and mining operations. Large sites include steelmaking and hot rolling operations.

Country Small Medium Large
Australia 119 4 1
Brunei 1    
China 7 1  
Fiji 1    
India 3 1  
Indonesia 4 1  
Malaysia 4 1  
Mexico 1    
New Caledonia 1    
New Zealand   2 1
Singapore 1    
Sri Lanka 1    
Thailand 3 1  
USA 17 3 1
Vanuatu 1    
Vietnam 2 1  
Total 166 15 3


Land contamination occurs when chemical substances are introduced in the soil and ground water at levels which have the potential to cause adverse effects to human health and the environment. BlueScope manages ongoing operations to prevent new land contamination, while continuing to identify, understand and manage legacy issues.

Protected Areas

Some of BlueScope's facilities are located on or adjacent to areas which may be rich in biodiversity or have cultural significance. BlueScope proactively participates in the ongoing management and protection of these areas through a variety of programs as outlined below.

Country Site Area
Australia Port Kembla Steelworks Tom Thumb Lagoon
Green and Golden Bell Frog Ponds
  Dapto Remnant Indigenous Forest
Western Port Western Port Wetlands
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
New Zealand Waikato North Head Ironsand Mine Maori Burial Sites
Waikato River and Wetlands
Taharoa Ironsand Mine Sacred Maori Sites
Taharoa Lakes and Wainui Stream
Glenbrook steel mill Waiuku River
Waikato River
Archaeological Sites
Remnant Indigenous Forest
North America Steelscape Kalama Columbia River

Current controls

BlueScope facilities have a variety of preventative and mitigating controls in place to prevent land contamination. These controls include:

  • Sealed floors in operational areas
  • Stockpile management
  • Bunds where bulk chemicals are stored
  • Maintenance of pipes, vessels and valves
  • Spill response procedures
  • Remediation processes

In order that protected areas are appropriately cared for, the Company employs various strategies, which include:

  • Involvement with community groups
  • Improvement and conservation activities
  • Minimisation of operational impacts


During the 2012 financial year, there was one recorded incident with the potential to have contaminated land at Port Kembla Steelworks. It involved the containment systems for a process waste. While recorded as a ‘non-compliance’, actions were taken that prevented any actual contamination from occurring.