Health & Safety initiatives

FY2012 Managing Director & CEO Zero Harm Awards
Each year the Managing Director & CEO Zero Harm Awards recognise the achievements of many BlueScope people on our safety journey.

Lowest Company Zero Harm Performance Award:
BlueScope Steel Indonesia.

Most Improved Company Zero Harm Performance Award:
Design, Manufacture & Construct, Australia

Felt Leadership Award:
Matt Field, Site Supervisor BlueScope Buildings Australia
Rich Stuart, Manufacturing Supervisor ASC Profiles, North America

Safety Champion Award:
Tony Pryor, Energy Services, BlueScope Australia & New Zealand

Health & Wellbeing Award:
Fitness Centre Team, North Star BlueScope Steel, North America

Safety Network Award:
Hand Safety Initiative, Steelmaking, BlueScope Australia & New Zealand

Safe People Initiative Award:
SmartRoads program, BlueScope Steel Indonesia

Safe Plant Initiative Award:
Upper Nozzle Test Jig - Steel Treatment Shift 1, Steelmaking, BlueScope Australia & New Zealand

Safe System Initiative Award:
Improving Safety of Personnel Working in Coil Stacks - Mills & Coating, BlueScope Australia & New Zealand

FY2012 Managing Director & CEO Zero Harm Awards commendations:

Safety Champion:

John Ayoub, Acting Operations Coordinator, BlueScope Lysaght Smithfield, Australia

Health & Wellbeing Award:
Community Garden Project, BlueScope Lysaght Fiji

Safe People Initiative:
New Employee Safety Training, Sullivan Yu and Sophia Wang, BlueScope Steel, Suzhou China

Safe Plant Initiative:
Elimination of Hazards When Off-Bearing Facility Plasma Units - Ben Foshee and Jeff Rogers, BlueScope Buildings Rainsville, North America

Safe System Initiative:
Project Simplify – Tom Begic, Mills & Coating, BlueScope Australia & New Zealand


Making trucks safer

BlueScope Distribution, working with transport company Metropolitan Express, has developed the first ever Fall Prevention Safety System trailer.  The result of two years research and testing, the trailer will help eliminate safety risks associated with loading and unloading delivery trucks.

The trailer’s main safety feature is the built-in hand rail on each side.  Combined with the headboard and tailboard of the trailer, the hand rails provide a protective barrier should a driver slip whilst up on a load removing or applying restraint.  The rails move up and down pneumatically when required to enable loading and unloading from the sides of the trailer.

In addition, the automated tarping system removes the manual handling risks associated with handling tarps on the back of trucks, and reduces the time taken to load and unload products.  This is particularly beneficial when working with products that may be damaged by bad weather. 

The trailer also has four rows of rails down its length which improves the overall load safety.

Other safety features which help make the trailer safe for drivers, customers and the public include side underrun protection, a self regulating tyre system, reversing sensors with autobraking, and stability control.


University students take the smart road

Under the SmartRoads – road safety for our communities – program, BlueScope employees are trained as SmartRoads ambassadors to educate young people about safer practices on the roads. Having already reached elementary, junior and high school students in Indonesia, the SmartRoads road safety program is now spreading its message to university students. BlueScope’s SmartRoads ambassadors have led road safety sessions for students of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember in Surabaya, East Java.

The students were very enthusiastic about the program, and expressed their hope that the SmartRoads safety message would support the local government’s efforts to reduce road accidents.

Indonesia has a high road toll, with young people between the ages of 16 and 30 involved in more than 60% of traffic accidents. As at March 2012, Surabaya had the second highest number of road accidents in Indonesia.